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    Bolted Steel Silo for Grain Storage

    【Features】:Bolted Steel Silo has the advantages of low cost, long service life, good interchangeability, etc.


    Brief Introduction:

    Bolted steel silo is so popular in grain storage. Our bolted steel silo adopts the following processing technology:
    Punch the corrugated plates which are rolled and molded mechanically, use an electric torque wrench, and assemble it through high-strength bolt connection.
    The wall of this kind of steel silo is corrugated, and the plate is generally galvanized. Its thickness is usually 0.8 to 4.2 mm. At present, the thickness of the silo wall can reach 8.4 mm.
    The wallboards mostly adopt the rolling process, and are produced in batches by a mechanical molding production line. The production line can automatically produce corrugated plates of various specifications.
    The advantage of the rolling method is that the wave shape is formed one by one, the internal stress is eliminated, the resilience is small, and the quality of the plate shape is better. Even a thicker steel plate can be formed at once on the assembly line.
    In addition, the forming unit, decoiler, leveling machine, conveying roller table and hydraulic fixed-length flying shears can directly process the coiled plate into corrugated steel products of required specifications.
    The bolted steel silo is divided into two series: cement cone bottom and steel cone bottom.
    There are more than 200 models for users to choose.

    Bolted Steel Silo for Grain Storage


    1.Light weight
    It is 1/4 -1/5 of the weight of the concrete warehouse with the same capacity. Low weight and low consumables, thus reducing the basic cost.
    2.Large capacity range
    The single silo capacity can reach 5t-16,000t.
    3.Molded production
    Molded production in the factory according to the same standard, high degree of standardization, able to achieve the production of standardization, generalization and serialization, and provide various types of silos required by different users.
    4.Good interchangeability
    The bin body is all assembled by high-strength bolts, which can realize interchangeability.
    5.Safe and automated grain storage
    It is easy to realize automation, and the equipment in loading, unloading, ventilation, drying, temperature measurement and full measurement can be configured according to the requirements of use to achieve the purpose of safe and automatic grain storage.
    6.Simple and quick assembly
    The assembly is simple and quick. All parts and components of the steel silo are connected by bolts. The installation is quick and the construction period is short.
    7.Easy maintenance
    Demolition is simple, maintenance is convenient, and partial board damage can be replaced.
    8.Low cost and long service life
    The cost is low and the service life is appropriate, which is usually up to 30 years.

    Part of our successful steel silo cases:
    Built in Wuzhai, Shanxi Province:

    successful cases in steel silo
    Built in Tianshui, Gansu Province:
    Bolted Steel Silo
    Built in Luoyang Dukang Wine Industry, Luoyang, Henan Province:

    successful cases in steel silo

    Technical Parameters:

    Please just provide your requirement for the steel silo, then our engineer will design the detailed technology drawing and the equipment list with specs accordingly.

    Any change of technical parameters, there is no further notice.

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